There is no doubt that we all feel ready to break loose from the tight restrictions that social distancing and lockdown opposed to us. We are ready to rush to do all the things we didn’t do and even more. But it doesn’t work like that.
Going back to normality is not a sprint, it is a marathon. That’s because the virus hasn’t just gone away. It’s still here and it’s still strong, and invisible. And it will definitely set more obstacles to our path to normality.
During this marathon, we will need to forget our previous daily routine and form a new one. We are currently in a staging period, many aspects of which will remain in our new life. Masks, gloves and antiseptics came to stay and our old habbits will seriously safer from the new rules that came to our lives. We will forget hugs, kisses and handshakes and we will change our transport routine. And, of course, distancing, hand washing and avoiding hands on our face will reamin our Number 1 priority, as these are the keys to avoid the virus.

DO take safety measures, DON’T alienate yourself

A few rules that we need to have in our mind at all times:

  • When we go out of home
  • We take mask, gloves, antiseptic with us.
  • We prefer cotton clothes, which can be washed in high temperature
  • If we use public transport we wear mask and gloves
  • If possible, we prefer walking.
  • If possible, we arrange to go to work at times out of rush hours.

At work

  • We wash our hands when we come in
  • We use antiseptic on the desk, computer, telephone and everything else we will use.
  • If we work with others, it is advisable to wear a mask at all times.

Back home

  • We take off our clothes at a designated place, or we wash them in high temperature, or we leave them to be aired for 3 days.
  • Our bag should also be aired for 3 days, or use antiseptic on it.
  • We don’t wear the same clothes the next day.
  • Shoes should stay out of home.

Have in mind that too much information might be confusing. Keep it simple, you don’t have to read, listen and watch everything that has to do with Coronavirus. And particularly don’t allow the kids to do so. Logic is what we need these days, not fear.
If you do feel fear then the best way to go about is solidarity. We need to care for each other and take care of ourselves and others. If we pretend that we have the virus and we take all the measures that we can to not spread it then we will not get it in the first place.