Lately, there have been major discussions about SUBOXONE, the drug replacement therapy that is being widely used nowadays. Many doctors have suboxone treatment as their main therapy tool whilst others do not consider it a solid solution. Who is right and who is wrong?
SUBOXONE is a prescription medication that contains the active ingredient buprenorphine (it also containes naloxone). It is used as a substitute for opioid-dependent adults, as part of an integrated treatment plan which includes counseling and psychological support.

As SUBOXONE has been used since 2003 in the US it has a very good track record of what it can and cannot do:

Advantages of SUBOXONE Treatment

– It reduces withdrawal symptoms that are associated with opioid addiction.
– It also reduces cravings that addicted individuals have, which helps in gaining control of the opiate addiction.
– It does not create a full opioid effect, making it much less prone to abuse than other substitutes.
– It blocks the effects of other opioids, for example it eliminates the addictive experience of feeling “high” which is present after the use of opioids.
– It subsequently helps stop the use of heroin and prescription opioid medications.
– There is no need for hospitalization or daily clinic visits for suboxone patients, which helps them have a more normal life outside their treatment.
– It helps patients stay in treatment.


Disadvantages of SUBOXONE Treatment

– It can lead to dependence and addiction.
– It can have fatal results if combined with other drugs and alcohol.
– It can have some disturbing withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety, headaches, drowsiness and nausea.
– It does not offer a long-term solution to drug abuse.


Suboxone Treatment


SUBOXONE is a very useful tool to treat opioid addiction BUT as with all medicine it can have some serious downsides.
As it is estimated that it has treated 400.000 patients worldwide since it became available, it is apparent that with the correct use it can help the patient. Having said that, not all medicine is right for all patients, so the decision should be taken based on each individuals case. Furthermore, Suboxone should only be one part of an integrated treatment plan set out by a medical professional.


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