The beginning of a New Year is always an opportunity to think about ourselves, recognize our past mistakes and set some goals for the next year. When we think about our mental health, this process is even more important. Here are some tips that will help you set your goals:

  • Think about your body.
    Physical and mental health are so strongly dependent upon one another. So the first thing you want to do is to take care of your body. Sleep well, eat healthy and cut anything in excess that came with the festive period (alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc.). And don’t forget to exercise. Regardless of your physical condition, you should be able to find an exercise (of any type) that you can do. And do it!
  • Don’t deviate from the plan
    It is very important to keep your support in place and your treatment going. Remember to update your insurance with your doctors, and also your addresses so all info can be accurate.
  • Set a treatment partner
    If there is anyone that you want to make a treatment partner, then let your mental health and somatic treatment professional know so they can include them.

  • Fill in your healthcare decision form
    Have you thought about what would happen if the unthinkable happened and you couldn’t make your own decisions? Talk with your family, partners, friends about what your wishes are, how would you like to be treated and what type of care you want.

  • Address your bad feelings
    The start of the new year is always a good time to look at some of those old ‘haunting feelings’ you have always had and address them. Speak to your therapist about them and set a plan in place to tackle them.

  • Set a ‘Mental Health Action’ plan
    Is there any chance you won’t experience disappointments? No there isn’t, so you need to plan ahead for those periods. Define your social circle and support and make a list. Then talk with them and identify ways to support you during the disappointment periods.

  • Update your calendar with important dates
    Mark your calendar for important mental health dates and plan to use them to exclusively focus on you and your mental wellness plan. Here are some dates to remember:

Eating Disorders Awareness Week – Feb 27 – Mar 5
Self Harm Awareness Month – March
Stress Awareness Month – April
Mental Health Awareness Week – May 10-16
Panic Attack Awareness Day – Jul 10
Suicide prevention Day – Sep 10
Depression Education and Awareness Month – October

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