If you think that ADHD in adults in not something common, you may need to reconsider! Nearly 12 million people in the US suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or else ADHD, that’s almost 4,4% the adult US population!
ADHD affects about 5 percent of children, but ADHD in adults is also very common as according to American Psychiatric Association more than half of the children with ADHD will carry it into adulthood.

What are the main signs to look out for in an adult who might have ADHD?

Symptoms and Signs of ADHD in adults

• Problems focusing on a task.

Does it take longer than it should to complete a task because you can’t keep your mind on the task? Do you find it had to keep your mind on work? You could even have trouble paying attention when watching movies, reading or attending lectures. If you have to read again what you just read because you can’t remember it, or if you simply compare yourself to others you know and you find it harder then it is a sign that you might have ADHD.

• Trouble coping with stress

Disorganization and problems prioritizing
Do you need someone else to plan for you? You may have trouble organizing tasks into ordered steps or find it hard to prioritize tasks and chores. Do you do well with time management? Or do you leave things until last minute (procrastination)? All these are signs of disorganizational skills.

• Avoid staying seated

Do you have trouble staying in your seat? This can happen anywhere, at work or home or college. While reading or watching TV or eating. You might prefer walking around instead of seating and maybe you avoid going to a function or a meeting that requires you to sit for a long period.

• Losing items

Do you lose your keys often? Or important paper work, or your wallet even, more than other people do? If you do and you get into trouble by this at work or at home because they are important items then it might be something different than just being forgetful. You might have understood that you need to place things in the same exact place always in order to be able to find them after.

• Talk excessively

You might like talking, but sometimes you talk a lot. If you talk all the time, more than other people, and sometimes louder than others that you are talking to you might find people complaining about your talking.
If you have noticed some of the above signs then you might have ADHD. Have in mind that diagnosing ADHD is a complex task and can be very tricky as symptoms overlap with other disorders as well as normal behavior. Therefore only a qualified professional can diagnose ADHD. Take the test and contact us today.

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